Walt Disney World Park Hopper Reinstated – COVID 19 style!

Yes, finally the Park Hopper has been reinstated, allowing you to visit all the Parks in one day, time, energy and capacity permitting!

But there are some differences to how you used to Park Hop.

The main point being, the first park of the day still needs to be pre-booked and you physically need to go there, then a second park can be accessed without a booking after 2pm if there is capacity.

Here are some of your questions answered.

  • Can we visit more than two Parks a day?
    • YES if there is capacity.
  • Can I Park Hop with any ticket?
    • NO only tickets with Park Hopping privileges will allow Park Hopping.
    • You can add Park Hopping to your current ticket if necessary.
    • This can be done by phoning Disney on 407-939-5277 before your trip.
    • Or at any Theme Park ticket window.
    • Or Guest Services at Disney Springs.
  • How will I know the Park has reached capacity?
    • Notifications are due to be added to the app any day now.
    • Cast Members on the Transportation will be able to advise.
    • Guest Relations at your current park will also be able to advise.
    • There is a recorded phone message if you call 407-560-5000
  • Once I leave my first Park, will I be locked out?
    • There is conflicting information on this and nothing on the Disney website. So, I wouldn’t like to say either way at the moment but will add an edit if it becomes clear.
  • If I make a reservation for a Restaurant, Droid Depot, Savi’s Workshop or other prebooked experience at my subsequent planned Parks am I guaranteed entry?
    • NO but if the Park is at capacity the Cast Members will help you cancel your reservation, so you are not charged.
    • Disney recommend you book dining and experiences at the Park you have a Disney Park Pass reservation.
    • But you can try a walk-up reservation at your subsequent Parks.
  • Can just part of my Party go to the first Park?
    • NO everyone who wants to Park Hop must go to that first Park.
  • What if I no longer want to go to my first Park?
    • You need to go to the reservation system and try and change your Park reservation if there are spaces available in your chosen Park.

Disney Park Hopper Transportation available during Park Hopping hours.

  • Disney Buses, the Skyliner or some boats are available for travelling between Parks.
  • Or you could use an Uber or your own car.
  • To board the transport, you must have a ticket or pass with Park Hoping privileges valid for that day.
  • This will be verified by a Cast Member.
  • You can use the transportation before 2pm, it is worth giving yourself around an hour to get between parks.
  • At this stage the EPCOT monorail is still unavailable for guests.

TIP – When the second slot for a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance has passed, many people who were not successful will be leaving Hollywood Studios. Meaning if the Park was at Capacity for that day, you may still be able to enter in the afternoon

Success! You're on the list.

Visit the Disney website for more information. https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/experience-updates/parks/


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