Disney Magic at Sea – DAY AT SEA

UK Staycation Cruise from Tilbury London UK

What a special day yesterday was and to be honest it actually felt like 2 days, we crammed in so much!

The bed in our room was super comfortable and the bedding was fabulous, I want it at home, it was really cooling!!

Room Service

We put our room service order on the door last night, with a request for a 6am delivery.

So, I was up and ready for the 6am knock at the door, I had set my alarm clock for 5.30am.

Why so early you ask, well in the hope that we could have an amazing morning view from our verandah, we wanted to watch the sunrise.

Well we weren’t disappointed, room service arrived on time and we made ourselves comfortable on the verandah, we were so lucky that the ship was facing the right way for us to watch the sunrise and there were only minimal clouds in the sky. What a lovely way to start the day!

Room Service is free (for most items) on the Disney Magic, but it is customary to tip. We tipped $5 for our tray of food and drink.

Marvel Trivia

After the fabulous sunset and our room service breakfast, we headed to O’Gills Pub for some Marvel Trivia. This morning was Marvel Morning on the ship.

The entertainment host was already in the room when we arrived, we grabbed a trivia answer sheet and a pencil and chose somewhere to sit.

Groups could sit where they wanted and didn’t have to sit with other guests.

At the end once the answers had been given, the host asked you to put your hands up if you had 10 or more questions right for example, then to keep them up if you had 11, then 12 until he got to a winner (we actually had 2 groups tie during our session, so there was a tie breaker question). This means if you do really badly, know one knows, so there is no pressure.

Breakfast number 2!

Then after our Trivia session, we headed to Cabana’s for breakfast number 2 of the day.

There was so much choice!

Cabana’s is one of the locations for the included hot and cold non alcoholic beverages. We just had black coffee’s. After having some amazing coffee’s in the Concierge Lounge, this coffee wasn’t great, but it was wet and warm.

Marvel Characters

We had a brief explore around the ship and came across the following marvel characters – Captain Marvel, Spiderman and the Black Widow. Plus Chip and Dale had their Marvel costumes on. I have no doubt that there were a lot more Marvel characters and Disney Characters dressing with a Marvel theme, but we wanted to head to the Concierge Lounge for some fabulous coffee! Check out my video below, to see the characters.

Lunch Time!

Oh, my goodness it was midday already and we had Disney trivia planned for about an hours time!

So we headed to the pool deck and got take out from Pinocchio’s Pizza and Duck in Diner and soft drinks from the refill station.

It was then time for Disney Tunes Trivia followed by Disney General Trivia, these were very popular sessions, but everyone that wanted to play got a seat.

Siesta Time

After such a full morning, we were ready for a bit of chill time in our stateroom. It was lovely to relax in the sunshine on our verandah and have a little siesta.

We had been so lucky with the weather, pretty much blue skies throughout and a comfortable temperature. Everyone was calling Captain Fabian a weather magician! We were off the coast of Norfolk for much of our cruise on the Disney Magic.

Evening Entertainment

The evening started with the show Disney Dreams, a fabulous show with some very talented singers and dancers. I particularly enjoyed the Lion King segment.

As per yesterday we were on the late sitting for dinner and our rotational restaurant for tonight was Rapunzel’s Royal Table. We had of course visited the Concierge Lounge first to pick up some cocktails.

We had an amazing table, very close to the stage at Rapunzel’s Royal Table, which I believe is because we were Concierge guests.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and a fun show with a talented cast. For more information on what we ate visit our YouTube channel, the link for the video is below.

A wander on deck 4 to admire the sunset

What a beautiful last evening, we had been so lucky. It had certainly not felt that we were on the coast of the UK, it felt much more exotic.

Final evening duties

When we arrived back at our stateroom, there were tipping envelopes and tipping slips to be sorted.

To be honest, we had prepaid our tips and this took us quite a while to separate the slips and write on the envelopes. Then pop the slips in the envelopes. It really wasn’t necessary that we should have to do this, as had already pre paid our slips. We chose to add a further cash tip into the envelope, but we could have just given each of the individuals the cash directly or via Guest Services.

We also had a lovely lithograph gift from the Concierge team.

We had previously popped our main suitcase outside of our door, so it would be taken off the ship for us the following morning.

Sadly we would be leaving tomorrow morning after breakfast.


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