10 amazing things for you to do in Nuremberg.

Here we are with 10 amazing ideas for your time in Nuremberg, from Bridges to Christmas Markets. Plus, at the end I have 2 bonus tips that might just help you save some money.

Where is Nuremberg?

Nuremberg is the second largest city in the state of Bavaria in Germany. Nuremberg is North of Munich.


Nuremberg is a picturesque Bavarian City full of historic buildings and bridges.

In Nuremberg there are lots of lovely places to eat and drink outside and just watch the world go by.

We have visited Nuremberg a few times now and love it. The transportation is so cheap and easy to use. In particular we love to use the U-Bahn to get about, it makes exploring so easy.

I also felt very safe in Nuremberg, particularly around the Christmas Markets. Police had barricaded the roads leading to the Christmas Markets preventing any rogue vehicles from entering.

No 1 Historic Bridges

Nuremberg is a city of many beautiful bridges. Here are a couple of examples.

  • Hangman’s Bridge
    • The Hangman’s Bridge was constructed in 1457, the hangman would have lived in the tower and the roofed walkway above.
    • The executioner had to live in segregated accommodation within the city since his trade was considered to be dishonest.
  • 19th Century Chain Bridge
    • This 19th century chain bridge sits just under the old city fortifications. It was built in 1824 and was the oldest chain bridge on the European continent.
    • In 2010 the bridge underwent a complete reconstruction using as much of the original structure as possible.

No 2 Nuremberg Castle

  • Nuremberg Castle dates back to the 11th century.
  • There are many parts of the castle and its beautiful gardens that you can wander without spending a penny (or a euro).
  • Nuremberg Castle has some amazing views over Nuremberg.
  • The best time to take photos and see the views from the castle are in the morning due to the location of the sun.
  • https://www.kaiserburg-nuernberg.de/englisch/castle/

No 3 Food and Drink

  • Some examples of Bavarian and International food found in Nuremberg.
    • We have eaten all sorts when in Nuremberg and the surrounding towns and Cities. From burgers and Mexican to a huge assortment of German sausages.
    • You can enjoy many of the different German sausages at the Christmas Markets along with Gluhwein (lovely spiced warm wine), that can be bought in a souvenir mug that you either pay a deposit for or can purchase as a wonderful souvenir.
    • In Nuremberg is a restaurant in the old Holy Spirit Hospital called Helig-Geist-Spital, mentioned below, you can get an awesome selection of Traditional Bavaria food here in an authentic setting.
  • Bavaria is a good place if you enjoy a beer, especially if you visit in time for Octoberfest https://www.oktoberfest.de/en

No 4 Handwerkerhof

  • The Handwerkerof is a really pretty area of Nuremberg and definitely worth a visit. It is a must see if you are in Nuremberg during the Christmas Market period.
    • The Handwerkerof is described as an Artisans Yard, it is a medieval like place that was established in 1971.
    • It was a former armoury of the free imperial city, surrounded and protected by the historic town wall.
    • It is found opposite Nuremberg’s main Railway Station.
    • It is a lovely area that brings the past to life.
    • Explore the handmade crafts in the half-timbered houses or take a seat at one of the rustic restaurants or taverns.
    • Enter for free.

No 5 Museums

  • When visiting Nuremberg, you are spoilt for choice for Museums, there is a fabulous selection. Here is a selection of 10 popular museums in Nuremberg.
  • Germanisches National Museum
  • Stadtmuseum
      • City Museum – Nuremberg’s only surviving large merchant’s house of the late Renaissance brings you an adventure tour through the past 950 years of city history.

No 6 UBahn and Medieval Walls

Nuremberg old town is surrounded by 4km of medieval walls, there were originally 5km. To continue with this theme Operhaus Ubaun station has been built to beautifully fit in with its surroundings.

No 7 Holy Spirit Hospital

No 8 Nuremberg Old Town

  • Nuremberg Old Town is a charming place full of shops, restaurants and numerous museums. Much of the old town is pedestrianised.
  • In the main square is a busy daily market, which becomes the hub of the Christmas markets.
  • Also in the main square is the Church of our Lady, a building of gothic architecture, which was built between 1352 and 1362. There is a mechanical chime which attracts the crowds each day at noon.
  • On the other side of the main square is an ornate structure called the Beautiful Fountain.

No 9 Nuremberg Zoo

  • The zoo is a short journey from the centre of Nuremberg.
  • There are 300 different species of animal, set in 170 acres.
  • It is one of the largest European zoos.
  • The zoo was founded in 1912 but was closed when the Nazi Party seized control, then in May 1939 it was reopened but sadly it was almost completely destroyed in WWII and what we see now was rebuilt in the 1950’s
  • Some of the many animals you will find at Nuremberg zoo are lions, tigers, polar bears, dolphins, giraffe, zebra and the meercats.

No 10 Christmas Markets

  • The streets of Nuremberg are full of traditionally decorated wooden huts for the main Nuremberg and the Children’s Christmas Markets.
  • The markets generally start in late November and go through to Christmas eve.
  • Of all the Christmas markets I have visited these are my absolute favourite, the choice, the food, just the whole ambiance, plus I really felt safe.
  • The Nuremberg market is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany and can be traced back to the middle of the 16th Century.
  • Around Bavaria in towns and Cities surrounding Nuremberg, such as Munich and Bamberg, there are multiple Christmas Markets, each with its own unique atmosphere. They generally include decorated stalls piled high with traditional Christmas decorations, toys and gifts. With the smell of Gluhwein, Bratwurst and Lebkuchen all around.
  • https://www.christkindlesmarkt.de/en/

Useful travel information – bonus tips

Value ticket number oneThe 7 day Nuremberg Mobicard which covers Nuremberg and Furth is amazing value and can be used on the S Bahn overground train from the airport, the UBahn underground train around Nuremberg and Furth and also trams and buses

Currently at just under 30 euros, 6 people including up to 2 adults can enjoy this for 7 days.


Value ticket number two The 2 day Nurnberg Card + Furth. For 2 days you get

  • Free admission to ALL museums and attractions
  • Free travel on ALL public transport services within the entire region of Nuremberg, Furth and Stein (zone A)
  • For only 28 euros
  • The only requirement is that you stay overnight in Nuremberg or Furth in an official commercial accommodation


As I write this many places are closed due to COVID-19, so I suggest you double check on the various websites before visiting.


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