What is there to do and see in Skegness UK?

Where is Skegness?

Skegness is a seaside town in the county of Lincolnshire on the east coast of England in the United Kingdom.

It is described as being part of the East Midlands area of the UK.

Skegness is 114 miles north of London.

Skegness faces the North Sea.

Where to park in Skegness?

We usually park at the Tower Esplanade parking, but as below it has now changed its entrance, to further on the right down South Parade. So, this time when going straight over the Clock Tower roundabout, we headed left on the Tower Esplanade, post code is PE25 3HH. This car park was just a short walk to the Tower Esplanade toilets.

Our day in Skegness

We left home early with the aim to arrive at around 9am to get parked where we wanted.

It probably was not necessary to have left so early though (and to have hit all the school and work traffic in Boston) as it was a cool, midweek day in April. But we had a clear beautiful blue sky all day, so we did not mind.

On arrival they were making much of Tower Esplanade pedestrianised, which is a really good idea, but meant we could not access our normal car park, the Tower Esplanade car park. But we were able to turn left, midway up Tower Esplanade for parking.

Then for us first stop as always was the loos! We used the ones on Tower Esplanade on the right (by the car park). It was 30p each per visit, but they were nice and clean.

The change to the car park threw us though, as our normal car park was still there, so we walked to the end to discover an entrance and exit at the back end. It has obviously been too long since we last visited!

From the back of the car park (new entrance end) we took the scenic walk back to Tower Esplanade via the Boating Lakes. This was an area of Skegness we had not ventured to before and was very pretty, with lots of benches.

We then headed for a kiosk opposite the Lifeboat station and enjoyed a cuppa and bacon butty! Before then taking a short walk beside the beach then around the shops (head opposite the Clock Tower).

After a wander around the shops, we stopped for some lunch at The Coffee Bean, which is down the High Street, opposite Wilco’s. We just had a cuppa and a toastie. I would recommend this place as they added extras, I love receiving unexpected extras!!! With the cuppa came a little pot a chocolates and with the toastie came coleslaw and a small salad.

We then headed down by the market, for the toilets at the back of the Hildred’s Shopping Centre.

On our way back to the promenade we had to pop into the Tower Gardens, as I needed to change my camera battery. This is a fab little park, with a play area for children, little ponds, birds and lots of benches.

We were not planning on going to the fair but were unaware that it was only open at the weekends. So, if like us you visit out of season it is worth checking online (the link to the site is lower down the page).

We continued to wander and explore, as it was off peak midweek, it was really quiet, so exploring was easy.

The pier was also closed, it looked as though they were having a completely new refit of machines.

We followed the little inland waterway and found more play areas, crazy golf and a bowling green.

We then came across the Natureland Seal Sanctuary, which we decided to visit, to find out more about that keep an eye open for one of my future blogs!

We then headed back home after a fabulous day at Skegness, wandering about, finding places we had never seen before and chilling on benches watching the world go by! Just lovely!

What is there to do and see in Skegness?

Skegness Aquarium

Natureland Seal Sanctuary

  • We had a great afternoon here but will cover that in a future blog.
  • If you are driving/walking from the shops, at the Clock Tower turn left down Grand Parade, the Seal Sanctuary is about 500m along the road.
  • home – Skegness Natureland

Bottons Pleasure Beach Skegness

Skegness Beach

  • Skegness has a large golden sandy beach. It was lovely and quiet on the day we visited.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach between 1st May and 30th September.

Skegness Pier

Skegness Model Village

  • The Model Village is found down South Parade. It was closed on the day we were in Skegness.
  • There does not seem to be a website, but it looks like you might be able to get tickets via the Aquarium website, although that is not available at the moment.
  • If open when you visit, you would be able to get tickets at the location.

Atlantis Adventure Golf

  • Atlantis Adventure Golf is just off Tower Esplanade.
  • You can buy tickets at the location or online via the Aquarium.

Boating Lake

  • The boating lake is situated behind the Aquarium.
  • Pleasant area with boats to hire and lots of benches to watch the action on the water.

Tower Esplanade

  • Full of colourful food, beach and tourist outlets

Altitude Skegness

Big Kidz Karting

Skegness Lifeboat Station

Hildred’s Shopping Centre

Skegness Market

Skegness Seasiders Bus

North Shore Golf Club

Hardy’s Animal Farm

There is so much more than I have documented here, it is not just a destination for a day out but would also keep you busy for a fabulous holiday.

There will be a YouTube video going live on my channel, Ears and Ideas, on the Saturday after this goes live. Showing you our day in Skegness.

Overall thoughts on our day in Skegness

A lovely day out, the UK is great when the weather is lovely.

The only activity we paid for was the Seal Sanctuary, but Skegness kept us busy for the whole day.

Would recommend for all ages.

Here are some products that might add value to your visit.

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📸We recorded photos on my Sony ZV-1 camera  https://amzn.to/3u1VKCY

📸The camera was mounted on the inside windscreen for some of the shots using this https://amzn.to/3tolqJS

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Please note the links above are affiliate links, which means that we see a very small commission on any of the products you purchase. This will not affect the price you pay and is just a way of supporting our adventures. Thank you for your support. ❤


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