Some of the most popular UK Seaside Resorts

What is your favourite UK seaside resort?

Based on the popularity of videos on our YouTube channel here is a list of some of the most popular UK Seaside Resorts, along with videos and factsheets.

Number 1 – Skegness

Skegness is a great all-round family seaside resort, with lots of holiday camps nearby

Here is the link to our factsheet –

Number 2 – Great Yarmouth

Like Skegness, Great Yarmouth is a great family seaside resort with lots to do in both good and bad weather. There are also many hotels and holiday camps nearby.

Here is a link to our factsheet –

Number 3 – West Bay & Bridport

West Bay is a spectacular part of the UK’s Jurassic Coastline, with the market town of Bridport just a mile inland.

Check out our video

Number 4 – Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes is a traditional seaside resort, where the pier is an amazing fish and chip restaurant!

Here is our Cleethorpes factsheet –

Number 5 – Old Hunstanton

Old Hunstanton is a beautifully simple coastal town, right next to the busier Hunstanton.

Here is the Old Hunstanton factsheet –


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