Torquay Factsheet

What is there to do and see in Torquay?


Torquay is known as the English Riviera and is said to feel distinctively Mediterranean. This is due to the pleasant temperature it often benefits from, sandy beaches and Torbay’s Palm trees.

Where is Torquay

Torquay is part of Torbay, which also includes Paignton and Brixham. Torquay is found in Devon which is in the South West of England in the United Kingdom.

Where we stayed in Torquay

We stayed at the Torquay Travelodge for 3 nights, which is about 1 mile from the seafront. We knew if we had walked enough already that day, the train station was only 50 yards from the hotel, so we could catch a train back to the hotel if we didn’t fancy the walk back. Plus, there was a bus stop just outside the hotel.

Check out the factsheet, review and video of the Torquay Travelodge at

Video –

Travelodge Torquay Hotel – Book Now

Our time in Torquay

Oh, my goodness, I loved our time in Torquay. We were lucky with the September weather.

The UK can be a fabulously beautiful place, especially when the weather is kind.

We arrived at the Torquay Travelodge at midday on Friday 3rd September 2021. We had paid an extra £10 allowing us to check-in at midday. We parked the car, checked in and freshened up, then headed off to explore Torquay.

We turned to the right out of the Travelodge and headed towards Union Street, which is one of the main shopping streets in Torquay. After popping in a few shops, we continued to Torquay Harbour.

Our first port of call near the Harbour was a lovely restaurant called Offshore. Here we enjoyed a fabulous lunch with a table giving us a perfect view for people watching and a view of the harbour.

After lunch, we continued to explore Torquay by heading to the right of the restaurant along the front, past the Pavilion Gardens, the Riviera Wheel and the Princess Theatre.

We continued quite a way along the front before turning back as we reached the Best Western Hotel. Throughout our day we regularly stopped and chilled on a bench just enjoying our surroundings.

We chose to take a different route back to the Travelodge, taking the road just past the Premier Inn, wow it was a steep walk!!!

By the time we got back to the Travelodge we had managed to walk over 10K, much of which was up or downhill!! Luckily the promenade is flat!!! We were pretty exhausted, so we ate in the Travelodge that evening.

The following day we headed to Paignton which we will cover in a separate blog. I didn’t love it as much as Torquay, so we only stayed there a few hours. For the remainder of the Saturday, we went back to Torquay and explored to the left of the harbour.

We then sought out somewhere to eat our evening meal. Along by the pier was a fabulous restaurant called Pier Point. Oh, my goodness, I had a roasted vegetable pitta, I am very much a meat eater and this is one of the few times I have eaten out and chosen a non-meat dish, but it was amazing!!!

After our meal we took a seat on the pier and watched the sunset and the lights around us come on.

In the distance, the Queen Victoria cruise ship was docked and as it got dark her amazing lights also brightened the horizon.

Torquay is such a perfect place.

On the Sunday we headed to Brixham, which I also loved. There will be a separate factsheet and video about Brixham.

Then on the Monday, although we had paid to keep our Travelodge room till 2pm, we decided to go to Paignton Zoo, which was a lovely place. There will also be a separate factsheet and video about Paignton Zoo.

I really can’t wait to go back to Torquay in the future, it is well worth the long drive from where we live.

Suggested place to eat in Torquay

Offshore Restaurant

Pier Point Restaurant

Transportation in Torquay


As our Travelodge was a mile from the coastline and about another half a mile from the harbour, we decided we would make use of the buses on this trip.

You have both standard buses and open topped Stagecoach buses in Torquay. The number 12 bus stops right opposite the hotel. It then goes into Torquay stopping at the harbour, then into Paignton and ends in Brixham.

Bus Routes in Torbay ~ Visitor Information (

  • No 12 bus
    • The service starts from around 6am (just before 8am on a Sunday)
    • Then continues till about 11pm every day.
    • Every 15 minutes
  • The Golden Hop 122 Open top bus
    • Connects Babbacombe, St Marychurch, Torquay Harbour and Paignton
    • It also stops at Hoburne’s Devon Bay Holiday Park
    • 7 day a week service.
    • The service starts just after 9am every day
    • Then continues till between 5 and 6pm
    • Every 30 minutes
  • Ticket
    • Day rider includes both of the above routes and more
      • £3.50 child, £5.00 adult, £10.00 group of up to 5 people travelling together.


Alternatively, if you are staying at the Travelodge or in the vicinity, there is a train station within a few minutes’ walk, Torre Train station.

What is there to do and see in Torquay?

Torquay Harbour

Torquay International Marina

Cockington Country Park

Birthplace of Agatha Christie

Palm Trees

Ferries to Brixham and Paignton

Torquay’s Dinosaur World

Princess Gardens

Torquay Museum

Kents Caverns

English Riviera Wheel

WeFerry / Fun Fish Trips

The Real Crime Museum

Living Coasts

Torquay Land Train

Jungle Journey Adventure Golf

Pirates Bay Adventure Golf

Torquay Beach

Torquay Pier

Bygones Torquay

Torre Abbey

Harbour amusements

Torquay Pavilion

AMF Bowling Torquay

Western Lady Ferry

Princess Theatre

GeoPlay Park

Escape Rooms

South West Coastal Park

Royal Terrace Gardens

What is there to do close to Torquay



Coming soon is a factsheet at

There will also be a video on YouTube at Ears and Ideas


Coming soon is a factsheet at

There will also be a video on YouTube at Ears and Ideas


  • Traditional Harbour Town
  • Drakes Golden Hind Replica
  • Outdoor seawater swimming pool

Coming soon is a factsheet at

There will also be a video on YouTube at Ears and Ideas

Can you get discounts for activities in Torquay?

It is always worth checking if there are vouchers or cash back available for activities you might want to do during your trip.

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It is also worth checking if there are vouchers or cash back available for accommodation you might want to do during your trip.

All information was correct and links were active when the post was written in September of 2021.


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