Want to get your next trip cheaper?

Well, we have looked at Quidco and Tesco Clubcard. Today we explore TopCashBack.

What is TopCashBack?

TopCashBack is a website much like Quidco. By clicking through a link on their website you can achieve cashback after booking your trip. Which you then get access to a short time after your trip. This doesn’t affect the price of your purchase.

Here is a link to their FAQs TopCashBack Help & Contact – CashBack Help and Contact Pages

They have 2 levels of membership PLUS and CLASSIC.

  • Classic is FREE.
  • With Plus they retain £5 of your annual cashback earnings, but you get higher cashback rates and payout bonuses. But if you don’t earn, you don’t pay. The examples below are based on my Plus account.

What can I get cashback on?

TopCashBack covers many areas including, fashion, electricals, entertainment & leisure, insurance & financial, telecoms, utilities, travel and more.

But here on Ears and Ideas we are focusing on anything that helps you afford your travel related purchases.

Travel related cashback.

All of these offers were live on the 25th February 2021, but offers change by the day and you often find amazing offers, but they are only live for a few days.

Here is an example of the many cashback offers currently available on the TopCashBack site.

Disney Holidays up to 7.35% cashback

  • Les Villages Nature – Disneyland Paris 7.35% cashback
  • Walt Disney World package – 3.15%
  • Theme Park Tickets 2.1%

Easyjet up to £40 cashback

Booking.com 3% cashback

E Bookers.com up to 15% cashback

  • Airport Transfers and Ground Transportation 15% cashback
  • Tours, Attractions & Sightseeing 15% cashback
  • Hotels 8%
  • And more

Hotels.com up to 10% cashback

Haven Holidays up to 5.25% cashback

Halfords 3.3% cashback

  • Be it for bikes, car parts or a new TomTom Sat Nav for example.

TomTom 2.5% cashback

  • Prices might be cheaper buying a Sat Nav direct.

Expedia up to 10% cashback

  • UK breaks 10% cashback.
  • Experiences 10% cashback.
  • Ground transportation/shuttles and transfers 10% cashback.
  • International hotel 6% cashback.
  • Car hire 5.5% cashback.
  • Flights 1% cashback.

Lastminute.com up to 3% cashback

  • Hotels 3% cashback
  • Experiences 2.5% cashback
  • City breaks and holidays 2% cashback.
  • And more

National Trust 3% cashback

  • Buy National Trust Membership

Attraction tickets 1.31% cashback

  • Be it Alton Towers, Walt Disney World or the London Eye.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels 4% cashback

The Paris Pass up to 5.55% cashback.

On the beach up to 6.51% cashback

Forest Holidays up to 2.31% cashback

  • Cashback is less if you are using a voucher.

Princess Cruises up to £94.50 cashback.

  • Cashback value depends on the value of the trip.

Heathrow airport parking 7.87% cashback

  • I need to remember to use this next year!

Plus, so many more!

Why use Top Cash Back?

The question is more, why wouldn’t you?

Whether it is via Top Cash Back or Quidco, why wouldn’t you get yourself free cash, for booking or buying what you were going to anyway?

Potentially making things more affordable, allowing you to upgrade or even travel more!

It is always worth checking both sites and seeing if the website you want to purchase from is mention and whether Quidco or TopCashBack have the best offer.

Every penny helps!

I should have taken my own advice!

I have recently added Disney tickets to my 2022 trip to Walt Disney World at a total cost of £938 for 14 days for the 2 of us and I could have saved 2.1% on the cost of those tickets. I could have saved (got cashback) almost £20!!!

We all need to remember!

So, including me, we all need to remember for any online purchase to go through this site or Quidco.


Here is a link to TopCashback, this is a referral link, so Ears and Ideas get a small fee (that costs you nothing) if you follow this link, join and earn https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/member297639975540

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