Paignton Zoo Factsheet

Where is Paignton Zoo?

Paignton Zoo is found just outside of the town of Paignton, which is in Devon, in the South West of England in the UK.

The postcode for Paignton Zoo is TQ4 7EU

We traveled here from the Torquay Travelodge, which was a 15 minutes journey. You will find factsheets on our website for the Travelodge, Torquay, Paignton and Brixham plus also YouTube videos at Ears and Ideas.

Parking at Paignton Zoo is free.

What is there to see and do at Paignton Zoo?

A wide variety of animals including

  • Asiatic Lion
  • Black Howler Monkey
  • Black Rhinoceros
  • Cheetah
  • Eclectus Parrot
  • Western Lowland Gorilla
  • Rothschild’s Giraffe

Food and Drink

  • Island Restaurant
    • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • Great Griller Burger Shack
    • Takeaway
  • Hangout
    • I highly recommend the Pizza
    • Takeaway
  • Lakeside
    • Takeaway
  • Plus kiosks open during peak times.

Numerous Children’s Play Areas

Nature Trail

Soft Play

Wobbly Rope Bridge

Botanical Gardens

Lots of seating areas

Gifts and Souvenirs

  • You will find the Gift shop as you exit Paignton Zoo.

Feeding times and talks

Our day at Paignton Zoo

We got to Paignton Zoo nice and early so had the pick of the parking spaces.

We arrived at around 8.30 with an opening time of 9am.

We had to walk down quite a slope to get from the car park to the Zoo’s entrance. The surface is nice and solid.

If you have trouble with slopes, there is disabled parking at the bottom of the slope before you drive up to the main car park.

The atmosphere by the main entrance was fabulous, with lots of animal sounds in the background. The theming made me think I was queuing to get into a Disney Park. Little things make such a huge difference towards achieving a positive experience.

We headed left from the main entrance, stopping at the reptiles and birds for starters.

Then as per all of our days out, it was time for a coffee!! So, we took a seat at an outside table at the Island Restaurant where we enjoyed a coffee and a trip to the loo!

The restaurant had a large choice of food and drinks plus a vast array of seats inside and outside.

We continued our visit enjoying many other animals, including crocodiles, snakes, primates, zebra and giraffes.

On our walk around the zoo, we also discovered numerous children’s play areas and an abundance of seats. You can’t beat having places to chill and watch the world and the animals.

There was a rope bridge, but not for me……. even if you paid me!!! I just watched from afar.!!

One of our last stops was for a pizza at The Hangout. OMG, the staff member told me it would be good, well it was amazing. We chose a pepperoni pizza that also had cheese stuffed peppers on it. Not only was it fabulous, but the price was also pretty good too, for a large pizza and a can of coke (both of which we shared) it cost us £13.50.

We probably only spent about 4 hours at the Zoo, but for the price I thought it was a really good value day. If I was a local I would definitely buy a membership.

Paignton Zoo – A Wild Day Out For The Whole Family

Paignton Zoo Map

PZ Map – Autumn 2021 – Print Artwork – Update (

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