Brixham Factsheet

What is there to do and see in Brixham?


Brixham is a quaint picturesque fishing town in the county of Devon. With colourful houses, amazing wall art throughout the town and some awesome garden displays, created by the Pride in Brixham volunteers.

Where is Brixham?

Brixham is part of Torbay, which also includes Torquay and Paignton. Brixham is found in Devon which is in the South West of England in the United Kingdom.

How we travelled to Brixham

We caught the number 12 bus from the Torquay Travelodge Hotel to Brixham using a day rider ticket.

Number 12 buses are on the hour and then every 15 minutes, from 6am (8am Sundays) till 11pm.

Bus Routes in Torbay ~ Visitor Information (

  • No 12 bus
  • Ticket
    • Day rider includes both of the above routes and more
      • £3.50 child, £5.00 adult, £10.00 group of up to 5 people travelling together.

Our day in Brixham

We arrived in the Torbay area of Devon at midday on Friday 3rd September 2021. Our base for the weekend was the Torquay Travelodge, which is in an ideal location for either walking into Torquay or catching the number 12 bus (the bus stop was right outside of the hotel), to Torquay, Paignton, or Brixham.

We caught the number 12 bus outside of the hotel on the Sunday for our day in Brixham.

Our bus stop was at the Brixham Bus stop. First, on the agenda that morning was to find somewhere for a coffee and breakfast, ideally a café with a toilet.

We were in luck, right across from the Bus Station was a little place called The Curious Kitchen and it fitted the bill on all accounts!

The vibe in The Curious Kitchen was fabulous, really high energy. The staff were on the ball, friendly and cheerful.

The menu had some unusual items on it, so we both decided to order breakfast burritos, they were £11 each, to be honest, they were huge, we could have shared one between us.

The burritos were delicious, the coffee was spot on too!

The Curious Kitchen | Donuts | Cafe in Brixham, Devon

We explored the independent shops on the walk down Middle Street to the harbour, then explored the harbour and marina.

During the day we repeatedly say some amazing art that had been painted on walls around the town. Some people are very talented!

We also enjoyed the gardens that had been created by the Pride in Brixham volunteers, these were spectacular.

One minor peeve was that it cost 30p to use the public toilets. Which is fine for those that are well maintained and clean. Sadly, the toilets near Breakwater Beach were not pleasant on the day we visited.

On the day of our visit, the weather was dull, but this didn’t stop us from having a fabulous day there. Even on a rubbish day, it was still a beautiful town, I guess it would be mind-blowing on a sunny day!! It is such a relaxing place to visit, with lots of benches to sit and people or boat watch with a coffee.

What is there to do and see in Brixham?

Pirate days

Vibrant fishing harbour

Golden Hind replica

Brixham Heritage Museum

Boat trips

Outdoor seawater swimming pool

Independent shops

Colourful houses

Artisan market stalls

Brixham Theatre

Garden displays

  • Created by the Pride in Brixham volunteers
  • Looking at their site, they also do some amazing Christmas displays
  • Pride in Brixham

Brixham Marina

Amazing wall art

  • Found throughout the town

South West Coastal Path

What is close to Brixham?



  • Torquay Harbour
  • Torquay International Marina
  • Dinosaur World
  • English Riviera Wheel

To find out more check out the factsheet at

There is also a video on YouTube at Ears and Ideas


Coming soon is a factsheet at

There will also be a video on YouTube at Ears and Ideas


Coming soon is a factsheet at

There will also be a video on YouTube at Ears and Ideas

Where to stay near Brixham?

We stayed at the Torquay Travelodge, which was great for access to the trains and buses, had onsite parking and was about a mile from Torquay’s seafront and harbour, so quite walkable.

We caught the bus which stops directly outside of the hotel for our day in Brixham.

Check out the factsheet, review and video of the Torquay Travelodge at

Video –

Travelodge Torquay Hotel – Book Now

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All information was correct and links were active when the post was written in September of 2021.


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